marla1984: Kristen Stewart, Sinqua Walls, Kerry Washington, Sebastian Stan, Spy Thriller.

↳ Trust no one. The words had been drilled into their heads from the first day of training, and still, it seemed to be one of the hardest things to accept. Being an agent belonging to an elite underground government sector meant you were the best of the best, but once you were in, it also meant you no longer existed. No love-life, no family, and no real home. There were four level 1 agents: The Face, The Brain, The Shot, and the youngest to ever achieve that rank, The Shadow. Together, they seemed unstoppable, until a botched mission reveals that someone on the team is not who they seem. Rules are broken, bonds are made, and passion alights, all the while knowing the one they’ve grown to trust, despite their training could very well be their next target.

Kerry Washington as The Face

Kristen Stewart as The Brain

Sebastian Stan as The Shot

Sinqua Walls as The Shadow

Request a fake movie (2-4 actors + genre/one song + my askbox)

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