B L A C K O U T   D A Y S

anonymous: Fairuza balk, Kerry Washington, Arden cho, blackout days by phantogram, psychological thriller.

↳ For Lisa Park, things always went according to plan. At seventeen years old, she’d mastered the art of mind games and manipulation, all to get what she wanted. Her grades were perfect, her friends were disposable and there was nothing she couldn’t do if she set her mind to it. So when she laid eyes on the new math teacher Ms. Avery, she couldn’t rest until she had her. Her advances were subtle, beginning with one on one tutoring, higher skirts, and evolving to trips off campus. But when Lisa made the final move, fully expecting success, the woman backed out, fearing for her job and wanting no such relationship. For the first time, Lisa had been denied and it set something off inside of her. She couldn’t rest until someone suffered, but not at her own hands, jeopardizing her chances of getting into Princeton. Her seduction tactics worked like a charm on Jill Gaines, an ex-con with a growing attachment. As soon as Lisa heard the words “I’d kill for you,” she could only smile. Felicia Avery would pay, and before Jill could use her one phone call, the teen would be on her way to New Jersey with a suitcase and an orientation packet.

Arden Cho as Lisa Park

Kerry Washington as Felicia Avery

Fairuza Balk as Jill Gaines

Request a fake movie (2-4 actors + genre/one song + my askbox)

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