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I hate the fact that the fans of the show have to piece together what tiny bit of meta and background they can to develop the two for their miles better fanfiction because the show itself can never decide what it wants to do with them or the characters involved. You kinda just have to pick a period during a season and stick with that canon. Hate it.

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admin problems: judging apps {special guest: simon cowell}

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Anonymous whispered: Converses.

I hate that they get tangled so easily and OMG I hate that usually when you buy high tops you have to lace them up yourself because it takes me a million years and fuck that. Also I hate that the cloth their made of is so thin and when it rains you might as well be walking in socks.

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ashanti-notthesinger whispered: yogurt

I hate it when it gets watery, and I hate Greek yogurt when you mix it up, these two things look like actual vomit and I cannot abide.a

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the  new ask meme: send me literally anything and ill tell you something i hate about it

happy monday! this is my favorite meme of all time

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ahhhh it’s finally done!

i recently started watching the mindy project which is just the most amazing wonderful show. mindy’s fashion is just inspiring and one of my favorite things ever, so i had to sit down and draw some of my favorite mindy outfits.

brb while i rewatch the show for the 16th time

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